Practicing Green Life

The theme of this year's National Energy Conservation Awareness Week is"Green development, energy saving first" The aim is to continuously enhance the "people's awareness", "energy-saving awareness" and "environmental awareness" of the country. Practicing green life, starting from the slightest, WORLDEX advocates everyone to practice green life, choose a frugal and low-carbon lifestyle, and start with the conservation and protection of hydropower paper at your fingertips. Be a responsible and responsible person. Young people.

Energy saving and emission reduction is a timeless topic

Green environmental protection is the philosophy that we need to implement throughout life

Requires everyone's participation

Starting today, let ’s experience green travel

Starting today, let ’s experience a low-carbon life

Starting today, let's cherish precious resources

For the Earth on which we live

Let's join hands

Join the low-carbon life

Green development, energy saving first, let us work together for low-carbon travel!